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Whether it’s a single landing page or the latest tech stack with React and Next.js, I deliver high-quality code for those who demand the best for their business.

Midjourney AI prompts for web development.

Midjourney AI prompts for web development.


Web development

With over two decades of experience in web development, I specialise in crafting high-performance websites that prioritise quality, speed, accessibility, and optimisation. My services include user-friendly content management using the globally renowned WordPress platform.

If you seek an even faster experience, you may explore Headless CMS options like Contentful or Storyblok.

Furthermore, I can also implement WordPress as a Headless CMS, offering the best of both worlds: the familiarity of WordPress and the speed of Next.js.

Midjourney AI prompts for futuristic programming.

Midjourney AI prompts for futuristic programming.

From MooTools to TypeScript

Frontend development

I specialise in frontend-only services, dedicated to transforming your website or app designs into functional code. Proficient in various design applications such as Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Invision, and Zeplin, I offer versatile CSS solutions, including SASS, CSS modules, and styled-components.

My extensive expertise in JavaScript spans from fundamental vanilla JS and jQuery to advanced libraries like React and TypeScript, guaranteeing I can tailor my skills to your unique requirements.

Midjourney AI prompts for high traffic website.

Midjourney AI prompts for high traffic website.

Used by 45.8% of all websites on the internet

WordPress development

With over a decade of experience in WordPress development, I’ve successfully completed 100+ projects using the WordPress platform. This extensive background allows me to create exceptionally user-friendly content editing solutions for your website. You can select from Advanced Custom Fields or Block Editor options to streamline content management.

Furthermore, I provide WordPress optimisation services to enhance the performance of your existing website.

Additionally, if you’re looking to elevate your current tech stack, I offer a seamless migration of your current WordPress setup to be used as a Headless CMS.

Midjourney AI prompts for web development, computer, and speed.

Midjourney AI prompts for web development, computer, and speed.

Need for speed

Next.js development

For those seeking speed and optimal Core Web Vitals metrics or looking to embrace the latest web technologies, Next.js is the logical choice. I provide Next.js solutions for a wide range of websites, whether you have a multilingual site or a simple one-pager, and you can pair it with your preferred CMS.

All of my Next.js frontends are hosted on either Cloudflare Pages or Vercel for top-notch performance and reliability.

Additional services

What else do I offer?

Besides the services mentioned above, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to try new things, learn new skills, and become highly skilled in multiple other services. Here are some additional ones.

Managed web hosting

I can help with various hosting providers, from managed WordPress to custom hosting solutions.

Maintenance and support

I offer maintenance, new feature development, and support on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis.

Search engine optimisation

I excel in crafting fast, optimised websites, with a decade of expertise in building search engine-friendly sites.

Performance optimisation

I can assist you in achieving maximum speed and improving your Core Web Vitals metrics.

Website accessibility

I can help your website pass web accessibility tests, ensuring people with disabilities can access all content.

Google Tag Manager setup

I can assist you in script organisation and setting up tracking events to monitor all crucial actions.

Google Analytics setup

If you’re uncertain about Google Analytics 4 or haven’t set it up yet, I can provide assistance.

Contentful Headless CMS

Specialising in leveraging Contentful for efficient content management and seamless delivery across digital channels.

Storyblok Headless CMS

I streamline content operations by centralising asset and content management workflows using Storyblok.

Astro development

I specialise in utilising the Astro framework for rapid and lightweight content-driven websites.

HubSpot development

Whether you need assistance with HubSpot forms or custom website development using their CMS, I can help.

WooCommerce development

If you run a WordPress website and are interested in ecommerce, WooCommerce is the perfect solution for you.

Multilingual WordPress

I use the WPML for multilingual support, providing support for both Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left text directions.

HTML email development

I can assist you with HTML email builders for any builder service or create custom HTML emails.

Outsourced website fixes

If you’ve had a bad experience outsourcing work to someone who didn’t deliver quality results, let me help.

Do I offer anything else?

Since I couldn’t list everything I can offer, feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in working with me.

Frequently asked questions

If you’d like to learn more.

I have answers to questions you may be wondering about what I do.

My frontend development services are tailored for clients seeking precise frontend solutions, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and offerings in React and Next.js for websites and web applications.

On the other hand, my web development services are designed to meet the needs of those requiring comprehensive web solutions, encompassing both frontend and backend development. This includes options like WordPress or various Headless CMS alternatives available in the market.

If you’re initiating a new website project from the ground up and need both frontend and backend development, my web development service is the perfect choice for your needs.

As a freelancer, I specialise in website development and have a preference for websites over applications. However, I’m open to taking on web application frontend development projects that align with my skills and are both interesting and exciting.

I am proficient in both Tailwind CSS and Material UI, with extensive experience working on Material UI in both CSS-only and React projects. When it comes to building websites, my preference is to create everything from scratch, using a combination of the best elements from each framework. For traditional WordPress websites with PHP, I lean towards the latest version of SASS and apply the BEM methodology, incorporating elements of the utility-first approach seen in Tailwind CSS. This approach allows me to include only the necessary components and optimisations to achieve the best Core Web Vitals metrics.

However, in the context of web applications, especially when multiple collaborators are involved or when Material-UI or Tailwind CSS is the chosen framework, I’m open to using them as the preferred option.

I occasionally implement GraphQL for WordPress websites, particularly when my goal is to reduce the size of the JSON files generated by WordPress. However, I am proficient in both REST and GraphQL and can work with either for your website.

I don’t use Divi, Elementor, or similar page builders. Instead, I’ve been building WordPress themes from scratch for over 10 years.

While Divi and Elementor may work for some, creating a theme from the ground up allows me to craft a perfect, customised, and highly adaptable website for clients, free from the limitations and redundant code that those plugins can introduce.

Given the abundance of available Headless CMS platforms, it’s not feasible for me to cover every single one, especially with new ones emerging each month. However, please feel free to reach out, and I may still be able to assist you. Many of these platforms share similarities, making it relatively easy to transition to your preferred one.

While Next.js is my framework of choice, much like the previous question about Headless CMS platforms, there’s a multitude of frameworks emerging regularly, akin to the proliferation of cryptocurrencies. If you have a React and TypeScript framework in mind that you’d like me to use, let’s get in touch.

Certainly, I can provide valuable recommendations for enhancing your current website or addressing any issues. However, it’s essential to consider that if your existing site has numerous problems, is built on a platform with limitations (as many website builders do), or is inadequately optimised for performance and search engine optimisation, starting fresh with a new website may offer a more effective and cost-efficient long-term solution.

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