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I’m a Web, Frontend, WordPress, and Next.js developer from Sydney, AU.

Situated in the picturesque Milsons Point, NSW, I’m prepared to elevate your business and advance your web project to new heights.

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Find out what I do, and how I do it.

I focus on delivering the services and solutions needed to establish an exceptional online presence.

What I do


Whether it’s a single landing page or the latest tech stack with React and Next.js, I deliver high-quality code for those who demand the best for their business.

A bespoke web development service dedicated to delivering top-notch code, swift performance, accessibility, and SEO optimisation.

A frontend only service for those seeking to translate their designs into functional code, whether for websites or web applications.

Custom theme development for a variety of websites, from blogs to e-commerce, covering both traditional and headless solutions.

A headless CMS-driven solution, thoughtfully and comprehensively optimised for speed and peak website performance on your selected platform.

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How I do it


From a diverse array of web development solutions for startups and small businesses, to on-demand development solutions for large enterprises and agencies, and collaborative partnerships with recruiters and freelancers, I address a wide spectrum of client needs.

For new entrepreneurs venturing into diverse industries or IT startups, who are in search of a dedicated developer to assist them right from the start of their business journey.

Comprehensive digital service solutions customised for established businesses seeking assistance in accelerating growth and improving customer retention.

On-demand development solutions for enterprises seeking additional support and expertise to enhance the effectiveness of their marketing or product teams.

A customised solution designed for web agencies, enabling collaboration with in-house teams or independent delivery of web projects for their clients.

For recruiters who are proactively in pursuit of the perfect candidate to seamlessly meet the requirements of their ongoing and continuous contract roles.

For designers, backend, or frontend developers actively seeking an expert for their web projects, be it one-time or ongoing collaboration.

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I take pride in the diverse range of projects I’ve had the privilege to work on, from small local businesses to complex SaaS dashboards and large internet portals with millions of visitors.

The Cottages of Boone
  • Next.js development
  • WordPress Headless CMS

The Cottages of Boone

The Cottages of Boone is App State’s only craftsman-style cottage living community offering Appalachian State University students luxury rental homes.

  • Web development
  • WordPress development


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Client testimonials

"Saša is one of the most talented and detail-oriented developers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is truly a genius in his field."
Sandra GalvagnySandra GalvagnyCEO, Galvagnized LLC
Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions.

The answers to these questions will assist you in getting started before you take a look at all the services and solutions I offer for creating your perfect website project.

Certainly, I’m open to providing additional information upon your request. Over my career, I’ve been involved in hundreds of projects, although not all of them are accessible for preview due to subscription requirements. As I’ve been consistently busy, particularly since I began freelancing over a decade ago, I must respect white-label agreements and NDAs, especially those associated with Fortune 500 companies, preventing me from discussing these specific projects.

I personally designed this website, utilising CSS modules and TypeScript within the Next.js framework for its development.

The content was written by me and further enhanced with the assistance of ChatGPT, a product developed by OpenAI.
As for the images, any that are not photos of me on the about page were generated using Midjourney AI’s technology.

To ensure top-notch performance and seamless hosting, the website is hosted on the Vercel platform, a company which built Next.js. It’s my preferred choice for hosting Next.js frontend applications.

While I have substantial experience in all the services you mentioned, if there’s a specific aspect I may not be a 100% specialised in, I have a network of colleagues who are experts in those fields, ranging from design and advertising to SEO. It’s worth noting that my primary focus within SEO is technical SEO.

Feel free to choose your preferred contact method from the options available on the contact page, and I’ll be sure to respond promptly. We can then have a conversation about your project or the type of collaboration you’re interested in. Additionally, you’re welcome to explore more about the services and solutions I offer, or learn about why I’m the best choice for your new project by reading about me.

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